Aquaphor and it's uses in treating tattooed skin, acne and other skin conditions.

Aquaphor For Acne-How Useful It Is?

Aquaphor For Acne-How Useful It Is?

Are you having acne and desperate searching for a solution to get rid of it once and for all? Have you tried Aquaphor? Aquaphor is a skin cream which can used daily to prevent any skin problems/acne from occurring in your face. It is available for sale under the Eucerin brand which most dermatologist prescribe when you go for acne treatment. It can used even if you have a sensitive skin prone for acne and has cracking often.


Aquaphor doesn’t allow your skin to become dry and hence prevent acne from appearing in your face on daily application. It also fastens the way a acne heals and hence you can experience acne healing very fast after appearing.

If you have use hundreds of chemicals over the year and have damages your skin, you can still use aquaphor to reverse all the effects. It can be also used to treat sunburn.


In conjunction with acne, dry skin and chafing, aquaphor ointment can be used for several treatments such as dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis. It also aids the reliever and smoothening of minor burns, abrasions, diaper rash, chapped skin and peeling skin. The ointment is works most effectively when it is used constantly on skin that has been well cleaned. Large amounts are free from risk or danger because it doesn’t make up any ingredients that would cause irritation on tender skin; however, if you are using antibiotics for any reason, visit your health practitioner before using Aquaphor in large quantities.

Aquaphor For Acne-How Useful It Is?


Aquaphor is softening or soothing ointment that works by trapping water in the skin. It is does not contain ingredients that will clog pores. This is useful and productive for those with acne. The ointment aids the breathing of the pores. Dr. W.B. Michael of State Health hospital recommends using large amounts of Aquaphor, mostly in the winter when acne can burn. He emphasized that summer sun and heat aid dry skin oils that make acne and these oils responsible for burn-ups in the winter.


Aquaphor is often prescribed, in part, because it is regarded as being hypoallergenic. It is does not contain preservatives, perfumes, fragrances and harsh chemicals. It contains active ingredients like petrolatum, which is widely known as petroleum jelly. Also contain inactive ingredients like ceresin, alcohol, glycerin, mineral oil, lanolin and panthenol. Different acne Treatments like Olay and Neutrogena make commodities for moisturizing the skin and giving acne the required treatment that are similar to Aquaphor. These commodities help in the reduction of situation like pimples, soften and moisturize the skin and remove dry, flaking skin. Other acne treatments are obtainable by prescription only and are meant to be used orally. Benzoyl peroxide and antibiotics are often used in topical treatments in combination with emollients for moisturizing.


There are no studies provided for the efficiency of aquaphor and widely drugs are not reviewed by the FDA over-the-counter. However, petroleum jelly, the active ingredient in aquaphor, has been in existence for well over 100years, and has displayed it efficiency as a moisturizer in the treatment of dry, cracked, irritated skin.


Aquaphor is not meant to be used for the treatment of hormonal causes of acne or for bacterial infections that are in existence together with acne. It will not wipe acne scars; but, with constant use, it might reduce the redness connected with scarring.