Aquaphor and it's uses in treating tattooed skin, acne and other skin conditions.

Aftercare Review: H2Ocean Ultimate Tattoo Care Kit

Aftercare Review: H2Ocean Ultimate Tattoo Care Kit


After a length break in posting during the busy 2015 fall season, we are back with a review of a new kit that I recently discovered. Many people are concerned with the effectiveness of various tattoo aftercare kits, and as new products come to market it’s important to stay up-to-date. As most of us with tattoos know, it’s hard to stop at just one! This article will serve as a brief overview of H2Ocean’s inclusive tattoo care kit, which contains a full regimen of tattoo aftercare essentials.

Aftercare Review: H2Ocean Ultimate Tattoo Care Kit

Product Highlights

“The ultimate tattoo care aftercare kit is essential for all healing stages of your new tattoo and can be used after healing on existing tattoos. This kit is designed to cleanse your tattoo while providing nourishment and moisture to your skin. This one of a kind all natural water based aftercare system will keep your new tattoo bright and beautiful for many years to come. The ultimate tattoo care aftercare kit provides you with a 3 step safe, unscented, and revitalizing skin care regiment that is made for the industry by the industry.” –H2Ocean

  • Includes cleansing foam, moisturizing cream, moisturizing foam
  • Combats infection and colour damage
  • Prevents skin irritation and dryness
  • Water based (non comedogenic, good for those with allergies)
  • Can be used for permanent make-up tattoos


H2Ocean’s Ultimate Tattoo Care kit is a comprehensive package that provides just about everything you need after getting a new tattoo. While the package is more expensive than purchasing a single ointment such as aquaphor, it does include a multi step treatment that will help ensure proper tattoo healing. Shipping via amazon is very fast, but this product must be purchased before the day of your tattoo as shipping times are usually around 2 days. Unfortunately, I have not seen this product in any brick and mortar stores, so make sure to plan ahead!