Aquaphor and it's uses in treating tattooed skin, acne and other skin conditions.

Benefits And Side Effects Of Aquaphor For Tattoos

Benefits And Side Effects Of Aquaphor For Tattoos

Aquaphor healing oil is used widely in the aftercare of tattoos. For a 14oz flat bottomed container, you will often spend less than $15 in store. Readily available in most drugstores, Aquaphor can also be bought at reasonable prices online. In other words, it is a very attractive selection, and many tattoo artists recommend it as an affordable aftercare product.  Aquaphor contains petrolatum as part of it’s ingredients, which is a recognized skin protectant active ingredient.  Aquaphor has no scents or dyes, so there is nothing unpleasant to irritate sensitive skin. This product also contains vitamin B5, which speeds up healing after injury or other similar skin trauma (including tattoos). It does not contain ingredients like baby oil, aloe, and peroxide, which in turn have an effect on the appearance of your tattoo. Abstain from using products that contain these products, as they have been found to affect the appearance of the tattoo with continued use.

The product can be bought at most food stores, drug stores, and online. No prescription is needed.

Benefits And Side Effects Of Aquaphor For Tattoos

Benefits of aquaphor for tattoos

Aquaphor Healing oil  works effectively for extremely chapped and dry skin. It is also recognized to be containing healing mixtures to heal diaper rashes and also eczema. Aquaphor has multiple uses which can be used on either the face, lips or any region of the body and can also be applied on drying wounds caused by cuts, bruising, and tattooing. A larger percentage of the reviewers also mentioned that it can be used to seal little cuts or bruises very well, and also protecting against germs or any unpleasant elements that cause irritation on them.

The most effective way to use this ointment is at night. Before bed, apply the Aquaphor to the affected area with clean hands, avoiding putting the ointment in open wounds. The change that occurs the next morning is wonderful. Because of the thickness and greasiness of aquaphor, it mostly guards against bacteria and irritation, allowing your new tattoo to heal in perfect condition.

Side effects of Aquaphor for tattoos

When used in immoderate quantities, it might clog pores in your skin. Due to this, you should always remember to wipe off any excess ointment before going out. If you have any allergies you are not informed about, the Aquaphor may become a problem, and worsen the tattoos. We recommend testing the aquaphor on a small area that is not tattooed for a day or two before applying the ointment to the actual tattooed area. Most tattooists often heartily recommend getting Aquaphor healing ointment for aftercare, and sometimes even offer a travel sized package for you to take home. Also, you just might want to use different products first. Other products can work excellently as well, but generally are more expensive than Aquaphor.

Aquaphor Healing Ointment Advanced Therapy is an extremely safe and competent product that provides your skin with moisture and protection, which are essential when it is newly tattooed. It helps in maintaining the beauty of the artwork on your skin for years to come. Aquaphor comes highly recommended by dermatologists, tattoo artists, and users, many whom believe Aquaphor provides the best value in a tattoo aftercare ointment.