Aquaphor and it's uses in treating tattooed skin, acne and other skin conditions.

Aquaphor On Lips: Using Ointment to Maximize Lip Moisture

Aquaphor On Lips: Using Ointment to Maximize Lip Moisture

What is Aquaphor?

Aquaphor is a highly versatile, petroleum-based ointment that has a multitude of cosmetic and health uses. From it’s use on dry skin, to Aquaphor’s ability to help fresh tattoos heal, the ointment has gained immense popularity in the Western world. Found at nearly every drugstore and through plenty of online retailers, Aquaphor is both accessible and affordable to nearly all North Americans. Often placed on the aisle near other common hand lotions, Aquaphor is often under-utilized in many applications.

Can you use Aquaphor on lips?

Having dry or chapped lips is a common annoyance for a large part of the population. With the increasing amounts of UV radiation the average person is exposed to, more and more people are experiencing sunburnt lips. Unlike the immediately noticeable redness present on other areas of the body when sunburnt, a sunburnt lip usually feels tender and tends to be dry and cracked in the days after the exposure. While there are many possible treatments for dry lips, and we always recommend using a UV-blocking lip balm, using Aquaphor on your lips can improve healing. When put on at night, Aquaphor coats the lips and helps moisture return, while also providing a soothing effect.

Aquaphor On Lips: Using Ointment to Maximize Lip Moisture

Aquaphor Lip Repair

Personally, we recommend purchasing a large tub of Aquaphor ointment and using that for many different skin-care purposes. Small portions of this ointment (purchased at a discount when in bulk format tubs) can be put into old makeup jars, small ziplock bags, or other small carrying devices for portable use on lips as needed.

Although purchasing a large tub is an economical option, the issues with portability may deter some users. In answer to this, Aquaphor also comes in a convenient tube, ready for use on the lips. Aquaphor Lip Repair is paraben free, and is proven to provide relief for dryness while soothing cracked lips. Additionally, Aquaphor Lip Repair ointment contains vitamins, shea butter, and chamomile essence to aid rapid soothing of dry, cracked lips